Stiff Ring - Redefine Chassis Stability
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What is Stiff Ring ?
Improve Handling, Reduce Noise, Eliminate Vibration
Stiff Ring made of special formula alloy aluminium. It used to correct the car body basic geometry by filling the gap between the sub frame bolts, sub frame and the car body bolt hole. Car engine, transmission, suspension and the body shelf are mounted on the sub frame. Thus, correcting the geometry setup with Stiff Ring, the car handling will be improved significantly. By eliminating this free gap, vibration to the car chassis & undercarriage will greatly reduce. This helps to protect & prolong the car undercarriage parts life span. Eg: Steering rack, lower arm and etc.
From the picture you can see the bolt used to tighten the sub frame and the car body has a gap in between. This will cause the sub frame and body to be misalign and thus lead to a handling problem and produce noise on the uneven road surface. The uneven contact surface in between chassis and subframe will further produce spring effect and this will compromise the car handling.

With the Stiff Ring in proper place, the gap is filled up to stop the movement of the sub frame and the car body forever and provide ideal alignment between both, as a result of a perfect geometry setup. Uneven surface is filled up by Stiff Ring, thus, spring effect is remove and resulting a comfortable cabin even further improved the car stability.

-Improved handling
-Improved steering response
-Offer precise turning angle
-Reduced vibration
-Reduced noise
-Promote comfort cabin
-Pro-long undercarriage parts life span

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We have used special formula alloy aluminium material without compromise to the quality and effect of the Stiff Ring. Our product is strictly controlled under strong Quality Control. There is no doubt to our Stiff Ring quality.

1 Year Warranty  All Stiff Ring is come with 1 year warranty 1-to-1 exchange.

Watch the animation below for better understanding about how Stiff Ring benefits to your car.
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